RESPECTING PARENTS' RIGHTS                                                                         HONORING TEACHERS' WORK

Beth Meyers for School Board

Thank you Zone 2!  I am truly humbled!

Who am I?
I am a wife of forty years, a mom to four boys, ages 39 to 25, and a grandmother to three, ages 17 to 3.  I love both my country and community.  I have twenty years’ experience as a classroom teacher and eight years’ teaching homeschool students.  I was superintendent of a private Christian school for two years and a member of its board of directors for two more.  I have been involved in educational policy and legislation for fifteen years and am an advocate for classical education and parental rights. 

Why am I running?
I am passionate about educating our youth.  I have had the privilege of teaching thousands of young people, and as a classroom teacher, I witnessed time and again the adoption of programs and policies that are based more on fads and preferences than on research. Policy decisions are frequently pushed down on classroom teachers whose input is often perfunctory or absent and who often become scapegoats when promises of improved student achievement fail to appear.   

Good education policy begins with transparency, fiscal responsibility, and a willingness to re-examine and evaluate policies and programs for efficacy.  Policies matter.  They drive what happens in the classroom, and students are the ones who are most affected.  I have observed that Tennessee is adopting programs and policies very similar to the ones adopted a number of years ago in Louisiana, my former home state.  The outcomes for Louisiana students have not been positive.  I do not want to see Tennessee travel down that same path.  I believe my experience and knowledge can make a positive impact on Wilson County schools, and it is my hope that you will give me the honor of serving as your next school board representative.